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Our chronicle

Kistler was founded in 1969 when the municipalities decided to set up a public school bus service. Then the company founder Alfons Kistler and his wife Katharina bought the first used bus. The following year, a line of workers was added and it also started the time of smaller excursions of clubs, companies and schools, so that in 1971, the first new bus was purchased.

In 1973, the acquisition of a private line in Dachau resulted in the purchase of a third bus. In the following years, customer interest in larger trips grew more comfortable. Also a guest worker line to Yugoslavia, which was served weekly, was added, so that the bus stock of 3 - 4 buses was renewed again and again.

In 1978, the private line was sold in Dachau, but in 1980 this was compensated by the commissioning of the company's own 590 line as part of the MVV, which by the end of 2006 connected the locations in eastern woodland.

In 1985, the first son Alfons Kistler jun. After a completed apprenticeship as a car mechanic in the operation and supported the father in all matters, even as a driver. In 1986, for example, the first modern distance coach with toilet, air conditioning, kitchen, etc. was acquired, followed in 1987 by the second.

In November 1987, after the sudden death of the company founder Alfons Kistler sen., Took over his wife Katharina, who had already done all the office work, and the older son Alfonso the business. From the end of 1989, the second son Josef joined the company. The fleet slowly grew to four, then five buses.

At the beginning of the year 1993 up to and including December 2003 one took over in Munich a day travel office, which offered daily 3 - 4 journeys, so that the bus stock was increased by further 2 vehicles. By taking over a small bus company from Wartenberg with three school bus lines, the fleet was expanded in 1995 to 10 vehicles.

In June 2000, after the company owner Katharina Kistler went into well-deserved retirement, the Kistler Bustouristik GmbH with the managing directors Alfons and Josef Kistler was founded. In August 2000 they started the construction of a new depot, which was completed in 2004. There was a hall with in-house workshop and other parking facilities for our buses.

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Kistler Bustouristik GmbH | Kalling 8a | D-84405 Dorfen
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! NEW in the fleet !  17-seater Coach

You are also welcome
to make a
inquiry and get
a non-binding
and free offer!

Your bus company

Kistler Bustouristik GmbH
Kalling 8a
D-84405 Dorfen
phone +49 (0) 8084-1215
fax +49 (0) 8084-8981


! NEW in the fleet !
17-seater Coach

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