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Safely on the road ...

During all our journeys we make sure that the regulations for driving times and rest periods are fulfilled safely.

So you can be sure that your driver is always well rested and concentrated at the wheel. If necessary, a second bus driver is used. Each driver adheres to the speed regulations.

Technically, a speed limiter in each bus ensures that the maximum speed is maintained.

Plus, you can count on your driver knowing and adhering to all regulations.


Our buses are serviced and checked additionally to the legally required examinations of first class in our own workshop.



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Your bus company Munich:
Kistler Bustouristik GmbH | Kalling 8a | D-84405 Dorfen
phone +49 (0) 8084-1215 | fax +49 (0) 8084-8981

! NEW in the fleet !  17-seater Coach

You are also welcome
to make a
inquiry and get
a non-binding
and free offer!

Your bus company

Kistler Bustouristik GmbH
Kalling 8a
D-84405 Dorfen
phone +49 (0) 8084-1215
fax +49 (0) 8084-8981


! NEW in the fleet !
17-seater Coach

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